Afterword Privacy Policy

Information Collection and Use

Afterword does not store your eBook distributor login information in any way. Upon logging in, Afterword stores a secure persistent cookie given by the eBook distributor’s website which identifies the user as logged into that website on subsequent uses of the application. Book sales data and book cover images are stored and are removed upon uninstalling Afterword or by using Android’s “Clear Data” function on the Afterword application. All data given to or retrieved by Afterword is only stored locally on the device on which Afterword has been installed and is never relayed to or shared with any third party.

Terms of Service

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Use of this resource is on an “as-is” basis.


Afterword’s publishers are not affiliated with or endorsed by or any other eBook publishing platform in any way. All book titles and cover images displayed by Afterword are the property of their respective owners.

Edited on January 18th, 2014: Reworded to apply to eBook distributor platforms in general.